The origins of Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH can be traced back to Josepha Unger who set up a sole proprietorship in Vienna Wieden in 1935. The aim at the time was to produce butcher’s aprons.
Emmerich Unger KG was established and run by Josepha Unger, Emmerich Unger and Karl Hans Unger as an independent company in Vienna Alsergrund in 1953. It acted as a sub-contractor for laminations and coatings on behalf of the footwear and bags industry. The company acquired its first textile stretching frame in 1965.
In 1970 the company moved to Vienna Floridsdorf where it still operates its sole production plant today.
The first flame lamination, powder coating and leather lamination units all entered service at the same time.
Current owner and managing director Andreas Unger joined the company in 1979. He secured a turnaround in the company’s fortunes when Emmerich Unger KG began to work together with the automotive industry in 1982. Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH was founded in 1983 as a general partner of Emmerich Unger KG.
In 1997 Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH began to specialise in processing for the automotive and textile industry and for the footwear industry, which is still important today. The focus was on product functionality including suitability for back compression and injection moulding, and breathability, etc., of composite sheets based on various adhesive systems such as CoPES, CoPA, PUR, PE, acrylates as well as PUR foams.
Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH first gained ISO 9001 certification in 2000.
In 2003 Emmerich Unger KG was incorporated into Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH in order to operate as a unit of Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH.
In 2011 a new manufacturing unit was built. The acquisition of a new high performance lamination system marks an important adjustment to the requirements of today’s market.
The most recent enlargement consisted of the acquisition of an additional warehouse in 2018. A photovoltaic system is also one of the purchases in 2018.
Unger Veredelungstechnik GmbH is still completely owned by the Unger family today. While Andreas Unger and his wife Martina Unger share managerial responsibilities, the fourth generation of the family is now represented in the company by Ms Patricia Unger and Mr Clemens Unger.