Ever since the company was first founded in 1935 Unger has been a byword for technical expertise, high levels of dedication and undivided loyalty.

Customers, suppliers and members of staff benefit in equal measure from the flexibility, solidarity, value for money, high levels of quality and comprehensive technology we offer.

Customers are our most valuable asset – our future is only assured when they are completely satisfied with our products. The ability to fully meet our customers’ requirements is a vital key to success. We would like to earn the trust and respect of each customer through our careful work.

Our members of staff are the pillars of our company. One of our prime concerns is to offer them encouragement and in-service training opportunities in the interests of securing a long-term future for each and every job.

Our suppliers are important links in our performance chain. We strive to achieve optimum communication and cooperation on a reciprocal basis.

Inevitably, the path to success also entails a clear commitment to making innovation an integral part of our work. This applies both to our products as well as to the further development of technology and the organisational structure of Unger.